Welcome to LAL Association Member Services

Working objectively in project management to identify a better way to enhance the member values of volunteer associations.

The goal is to support associations and their relationships with members in these changing times. To provide additional support resources to aid associations in moving forward.

LAL Association Members Services brings a change agent process to the volunteer membership marketplace. Our clients benefit from our work by taking advantage of trends from our research instead of trends taking advantage of their association.

The approach is to provide independent unbiased analysis of existing and potential programs, To look at specific projects that need support in execution. Expertise includes:


The Communications Audit
The Reality of Affinity Programs
The Changing Face of Member Value Programs

LAL Association Member Services formerly known as LAL Professional Services Ltd.



bullet Affinity and partner benefit programs
bullet Membership materials
bullet Effective communication
bullet Effective database management
bullet Program execution
bullet Getting more results from volunteer committees
bullet Improving Board Governance

We understand that members’ expectations evolve around gaining the dividends of their investment in joining an association.

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